NPR $ 350 Million Dollar Lawsuit

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Yeager’s $ 350 million-dollar defamation lawsuit against NPR 

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William and Anais Yeager

is unprecedented, and it will most likely go down in history as one of the most important court cases of our times for several different reasons. One of those reasons is that he is defending himself (pro se) against 3 Super attorneys hired by NPR.


Sworn statement (from the lawsuit):

I, Leah Friedman do solemnly swear that I never heard of or knew anything about Billy Yeager before the assignment to write about the Discogs discrepancy appeared on my desk in September 2017.

“The first thing to know is that I write many articles about many different topics. After doing this for awhile, the dots start to connect. That’s what happened when I came across this NPR article. I scrutinized the accusations knowing there was bias behind them and my research began. After reading about the Discogs case, I began researching my topic just as I do all the others. I checked facts in various locations, read reviews, viewed videos, and much more. This is my responsibility as a journalist to get ALL the facts before writing a story. When I began my research, I knew nothing about Mr. Yeager, Discogs or any of his history in music or with media. As a purely objective observer, much like a juror, I approached my research and simply gathered as many facts as possible. Nevertheless, it became clear that bias with media releases was slanted against the plaintiff, Mr. Yeager.

photoleahDefamation is more than an expression of opinion particularly in this case where continuous bombardment of slanderous content has been forthcoming from NPR,  additionally, there have been no positive assessments of any kind pertaining to the plaintiff, therefore, presenting a clear bias against him.” Leah Friedman


What happened?

npr_72615936_sq-db60427646437f507ab2807a5b8b8b7083119a9a-s200-c85On March 23, 2017 NPR published a defamatory article that caused a $ 350 million-dollar lawsuit. Disregarding all of NPR’s ‘Code of Ethics’, journalist Andrew Flanagan wrote an extremely biased and malicious story, destroying the lives of 2 people and their charity benefit concerts and humanitarian work. Flanagan recruited Audie Cornish and Jacob Ganz to continue mocking and defaming Yeager over the airwaves, calling him a “charlatan”, (one who deceives people and bilks people out of money,) on NPR’s “All Things Considered” radio show, which is broadcasted to over 19 million people across the world.


epgm2017cvr“The stories were written overnight, in fact, the Discogs’ email came in at 4:00 a.m., so the stories were written very, very, quickly, because I had the NPR one by 9:00 a.m. So yeah, they were done very quickly and probably …, not making excuses, but you know, no time to contact anyone cause it was so early in the morning.” – Dave Thompson Goldmine Magazine




Despite the fact that the artist’s official website stated that he was an award winning musician and filmmaker, a performance artist, an activist and a humanitarian; despite the fact that there is a documentary film that tells the story about Billy and Anais and their desire “to help those who can’t help themselves” that won Most Inspirational movie award in 2015 at the Red Dirt International Film festival, NPR’s journalist Andrew Flanagan made no mention of these facts, breaking every single rule of NPR’s ‘Code of Ethics’. Flanagan did not write one single positive comment about Billy and his wife Anais’ work and mission as spiritual and activist artists wanting to “change the world for the benefit of humanity”.


Even more serious is the Tortious Act committed by NPR’s own General Counsel Ashley Messenger who corresponded with the Yeagers for over 2 months, using deceptive tactics to “trick” them into a flimsy agreement, because everyone (including C.E.O. Jarl Mohn and Board members) was well aware of the truth. Ashley Messenger even admitted they (NPR) “misunderstood” and  that the Yeagers had a “mission to change the world”, but they didn’t offer a “retraction”, only a deceiving “trick”.

On September 6, 2017  another journalist, Leah Friedman from OMG News, read NPR’s defamatory Article and immediately detected bias. Leah Friedman clearly perceived it was written by a malicious journalist, one who unquestionably had a hidden agenda.

“ From what I understand about Billy Yeager’s goal and the controversy it provokes, it stands to reason that anyone he disagrees with will try to discredit his work, his opinions, talents, etc., especially if they know he is right. Any recognition on their part will mean they have to admit their wrongdoings and give credit where credit is due. The Yeagers are trying to make music from their souls. Additionally, they are trying to present through films and other outlets a truth they believe deeply. These truths are against the agenda of the powers that be. The Yeagers are an example of people pursuing their purpose.

– Leah Friedman